7 foods in Thailand that you can’t miss

Thailand – floating markets, street bazaars, super-markets – all buzzing with mouth watering foods. One thing I will never understand about the Thais, is that despite having the most mind blowing and high calorie food in the whole wide world, how are these people so fit. Continue reading “7 foods in Thailand that you can’t miss”

5 offbeat things to do in Thailand

Thailand is among the top 10 tourist countries in the world. Beautiful beaches, limestone rocks, amazing street food, beautiful temples AND all of this for so damn cheap. I was in Thailand for about 5 days in the summer of 2018 and I was literally running around like a headless chicken, because there was so much that I wanted to see and so little time. Continue reading “5 offbeat things to do in Thailand”

5 Malaysian foods to feed your soul

I have been meaning to share a whole lot with you all. But work keeps me on my toes these days and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Huh! I may be in love with my job – that can’t be bad, right?

So, in addition to work, we did end up traveling quite a bit last year: we did a 10 day trip to Eastern Europe, a short weekend (plus plus) getaway to Malaysia. And also a birthday trip to Hampi, north of Bangalore in India. Therefore, there is a ton to write about.

Continue reading “5 Malaysian foods to feed your soul”

Beaches and forests, volcanoes and temples – an all inclusive Balinese honeymoon

We visited Bali in December 2013 for our honeymoon. December is not the best month to go to Bali – it is too rainy, hot and humid. But that did not deter us from exploring this beautiful place. We stayed in Seminyak and Nusa Dua – to experience the the beautiful Bali beaches of Nusa Dua and the equally amazing temples, forests, paddy fields of Seminyak, Kuta and Ubud. Continue reading “Beaches and forests, volcanoes and temples – an all inclusive Balinese honeymoon”