7 foods in Thailand that you can’t miss

Thailand – floating markets, street bazaars, super-markets – all buzzing with mouth watering foods. One thing I will never understand about the Thais, is that despite having the most mind blowing and high calorie food in the whole wide world, how are these people so fit. Continue reading “7 foods in Thailand that you can’t miss”

5 offbeat things to do in Thailand

Thailand is among the top 10 tourist countries in the world. Beautiful beaches, limestone rocks, amazing street food, beautiful temples AND all of this for so damn cheap. I was in Thailand for about 5 days in the summer of 2018 and I was literally running around like a headless chicken, because there was so much that I wanted to see and so little time. Continue reading “5 offbeat things to do in Thailand”

6 places in Bangalore to visit with your parents

Aah – that time of the year when your parents tell you that they are coming over. I am not going to lie, I was pretty kicked about my parents in law coming over. Apart from the huge inconvenience of cleaning my house spic and span, I was excited about the home made cake that my mother in law was going to bring, the amazing kheer (rice pudding) that she’d make for us , ofcourse not to forget the awesome evening chatter with them and ping pong matches with my father in law. Continue reading “6 places in Bangalore to visit with your parents”

Five things people will not tell you about the Chembra Peak, Wayanad, Kerela

At the outset, I would like to tell you that we never got to summit the Chembra peak because when we visited in January 2016, the summit was closed to the public. But I have read a lot about the peak and it is one of the most beautiful treks in Wayanad. We did half the trek upto the Chembra lake (more popularly known as the heart lake because of its shape) which is just about 4 kms from the base. The distance is not too much, and the trek is moderately steep. Continue reading “Five things people will not tell you about the Chembra Peak, Wayanad, Kerela”

Pretty little things in Goa!

Relive the beautiful things in Goa that don’t deserve to be missed! Continue reading “Pretty little things in Goa!”

Choosing the perfect Goan beach for your vacation

Wake up early, rush to work, crawl from one meeting to another, follow up on tasks, get stuck in traffic for 2 hours, come home, get tired and doze off: if this sounds like your daily routine, it’s time to take some time off and head straight to GOA! Continue reading “Choosing the perfect Goan beach for your vacation”

Weekend getaways from Bangalore: Anthargange

Its been 6 months since we moved to Bangalore, but we haven’t been able to explore Bangalore all that much. It is unexpected of us as Mayank (my beloved husband) and I hate to sit at home doing nothing. Now that I work for a startup, most Saturdays are spent working and complaining about work ;). Continue reading “Weekend getaways from Bangalore: Anthargange”

Weekend travel guide to the Big Apple: New York City

If you stand here long enough, you will meet just about everyone you know – about Times Square, NYC

Continue reading “Weekend travel guide to the Big Apple: New York City”

Weekend travel guide to Vancouver

We were in Vancouver for 3 days in October for Mayank’s (the Mr of the family) birthday. Continue reading “Weekend travel guide to Vancouver”