5 offbeat things to do in Thailand

Thailand is among the top 10 tourist countries in the world. Beautiful beaches, limestone rocks, amazing street food, beautiful temples AND all of this for so damn cheap. I was in Thailand for about 5 days in the summer of 2018 and I was literally running around like a headless chicken, because there was so much that I wanted to see and so little time.

Now, this was a solo trip since my husband has started his own venture and its keeping him crazy busy these days. So, yesss – off I was on my own again. Thailand was my 10th solo country and I think I am a pro by now 😛

Time’s solo traveler of the year

Since, I was alone, I ditched the beachy part of the country , which you may argue was the stupidest thing to do. But really, I have tried going to a beach alone while I was solo traveling in Sri Lanka and it was not fun at all. So, my list of things to do would be slightly offbeat this time. Here we go:

  • Chiang Mai: Chiang Mai is a small sleepy city in North Thailand. Being a hilly city, the weather is cool all year round and its natural beauty can blow you away in seconds. Small restaurants, night food markets, bridges, temples and a Grand Canyon of their very own. Two things you should not miss in Chiang Mai is -1. Khao SOI – yellow curry soup made in coconut milk, with boiled noodles drowned in it and fried noodles topped on it – with lemongrass and red chili flavors. Khao Soi is not to be missed under any circumstances, 2. 3D museum. The museum is full of funky art works that looks like its 3D – great opportunity to get some cool photos with your friends. I’d suggest you team up with some friends at the hostel. Its almost not worth it going there alone
  • White Temple: White temple or Wat Rung Khun is a beautiful temple in Chiang Rai famous because of its stark white color. That said, to me it looked like something straight out of GoT. But along with the temple, its the badass terminator that I loved the most
  • Erawan Falls: Erawan falls is a series of 7 emarald green waerfalls in the province of Kanchanaburi (about 5-6 hours from Bangkok). Its quite easily a day trip from the capital and I would suggest staying near the falls the previous night, so you can get here early. Its a gentle trek up to the 7th fall and will take you about a couple hours coz you’ll be stopping on your way up. As the day progresses, so does the number of tourists. Urgh – so difficult to get a picture with so many people around. But nevertheless, you will still enjoy the 35 deg C water and free spa fish that will nibble away your dead skin. Personally, the fish (smaller as well as the bigger one) scared me to death. I had to constantly keep moving while in the water so as to shoo away the fish. But there were people who were just chilling out in the water as if there was nothing.
    Erawan Falls
    Erawan Falls – Kanachanaburi. Take the Erawan Falls challenge to find out whether or not you can survive the spa fish in these waterfalls. Eeeee- I can still feel the fish on me

    There was another reason I enjoyed Erawan Falls – that is because my little sister who lives in Bangkok accompanied me here and we had a such a great time on the road trip as well as here – she’s a cute heart:

    With my little sister!!
  • Ayutthya: Ayutthya was special to me coz I love ruins. I loved Machu Pichu (Peru), Hampi (India), Polonnaruwa (Sri Lanka), Chichenitza (Mexico) – mostly because I form stories in my mind about the then time – this is where they’d be doing their evening parties or a place where they would collectively draw water etc.. I have a great time looking at pillers covered in amber – gives me an antique and rich feel. I dont know if I am being able to explain actually, but I love them. And so I couldnt miss Ayutthya. I was disappointed that I could only see temples – but nevertheless some interesting ones. Ayutthya temples were destroyed in the Burma-Siamese war in the 1700s. You can also see the actual miniature of the complete complex outside the temples. Take a tuk tuk to go around all of them or better yet, rent a bike.
  • Petchaburi Street, Bangkok: Some people prefer taking food tours in Bangkok, but I researched before getting there, so I went straight to Petchaburi Street . And oh my god! I think if this place was not as hot as it was, I would have called it FOOD HEAVEN – from flavor party “insta-noodles”, to surprisingly good “girdle cakes” to extremely spicy and difficult to find NAM PRIK PLA TOO to red and beautiful “tiger prawns” to what-the-hell “bbq’ed bananas” , Ubiquitous “Pad Thai” and “papaya salad” – oh my god – PLEASE TAKE ME BACK. Just writing about these is bringing water to my mouth. Lemongrass, chilies, and what not – no one does spices like the Thais do – and i am Indian, guys. Believe me, I have grown up eating chilies. This was something else though.
Ofcourse, nothing can be taken away from the beaches, the temples and the floating markets of Thailand – these are the very heart and soul of the country – something that makes the country – “the most visited” country in the world. But there are other hidden treasures that are a must-visit in Thailand.
One small tip before I let you enjoy your Thailand trip: do visit the omnipresent 7-11’s in Thailand. There are some really cute and unique things that you’ll find there. I didn’t buy anything but they were so ingenious – I fell in love with them:


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