5 Malaysian foods to feed your soul

I have been meaning to share a whole lot with you all. But work keeps me on my toes these days and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Huh! I may be in love with my job – that can’t be bad, right?

So, in addition to work, we did end up traveling quite a bit last year: we did a 10 day trip to Eastern Europe, a short weekend (plus plus) getaway to Malaysia. And also a birthday trip to Hampi, north of Bangalore in India. Therefore, there is a ton to write about.

Since, I am getting back to writing after so long, I want to start with something that I can’t stop raving about – which is the FOOD in Malaysia – its yummy, its full of variety and its cheap (and we love cheap – don’t we?).Seriously, while packing for a trip to Malaysia, pack an extra tummy!

Where to go: Now, there are multiple street food markets in Kuala Lumpur, but the following are the most popular, and for good reason:

  1. Petaling Street: You can get any thing under the sun in this market. Believe me, you can get magnets from Palau and Tuvalu in this place – for dirt cheap. And food is no exception.

    Petaling street
  2. Jalan Alor: This is the mecca for food lovers. The market is about 1 km long with restaurants on both sides.

    Jalan Alor
  3. Merdeka Square: Merdeka square does not specifically have any food markets. But around this area, you will find multiple smaller street markets. Especially try out the fried food and fresh fruit juices available here.

    Street market in Kuala Lumpur

What to eat: Now that you know where to go to find your favorite south east asian food,  here is a list of my favorites (also a couple of not so favorites) from Malaysia:

  1. Tom Yam Fried Rice: I love the Tom Yam soup and chances are that you do too! Well, take that and add to it some crunch, some rice, and extra spices! Tan tanaaa- that’s Tom Yam Fried Rice for you. We had this on a beach side restaurant in Penang and ever since that, I have been craving for it.

    Tom Yam Fried Rice (right) and Egg Fried Rice with Omlette (Left)
  2. Tom Yam Soup: What’s better than Tom Yam Fried Rice – yep! a mightly bowl of Tom Yam Soup. We ordered this in the Jalan Alor market – and it was enough for the both of us. Ofcourse, there is curry noodles, nasi goreng, sea food fried rice and other yummies to try in this market.

    Tom Yam soup
  3. Salted Egg patties: This is out of the world and if you are in Malaysia, you can’t miss it.

    Egg salted patties – so soft, they’ll melt in your mouth.
  4. Deep Fried Ice Cream: I am no stranger to deep fried ice cream. Every year at the Calgary food festival, I used to devour this innovative piece of lump like a crazy wolf. But, in Malaysia, its a 100 times better. I unfortunately, do not have a photo of it, but feel free to look it up on the net. Don’t mattah if you do that or nat – you gotta eat this shit when in Kuala Lumpur!
  5. Mochi Ice cream: Mochi ice cream is pretty popular in South East Asia, Japan and Korea. It’s basically rice and ice cream and comes in a variety of flavours. But to each his own, I did not like it too much. Something which is not supposed to be in the ice-cream kept bothering me – not sure if it was rice or something else. You can try one at multiple places in Malaysia, we tried it in Jalan Alor:

    Mochi Ice Cream
  6. Mangaa Susu: I know, funny name right. Mangaa susu is mango pulp with sugar (little different from Mango Shake). But a must try in the street market.

    Mangga susu

Writing about it took me back to Malaysia. Feel free to share your Malaysian food stories with me!

4 thoughts on “5 Malaysian foods to feed your soul

  1. Hoping to see Malaysia soon, and I confess I hadn’t heard much about the food! Now I’m excited 😊 Did you love the sights in Malaysia also? I’m curious, what do you do for a job? Sounds amazing 😂


    1. Hi Zac. The food was really good. If you have been to other south east asians countries, you d have tried most things already. Malaysia is really the confluence of them all. I work in a corporate job in India.
      I hope you get to travel soon… And don’t forget to check out the graffiti in Penang, a lazy Beach town away from the touristy beach of Langkawi.

      Liked by 1 person

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