Weigh less, eat more – and 9 other things to do in Quito

Quito is one place in the world where you can eat more and weigh less! Surprised, I was too! Quito lies on the equator, where the effect of earth’s gravity is lesser than the poles, leading to reduced weight! Wohooo! Forget dieting, and plan a trip to Ecuador as soon as you can! And while you are there, check out what all you can do! Continue reading “Weigh less, eat more – and 9 other things to do in Quito”

Ecuador’s coolness coefficient: Does it live up?

Sandwiched between Peru and Colombia, Ecuador is a small country in the north west of South America. I discovered a lot about this beautiful country when I visited the capital city this year (2015). Let’s calculate Ecuador’s coolness factor: Continue reading “Ecuador’s coolness coefficient: Does it live up?”