Best places to stay, while backpacking in Peru

Peru is set up well for tourism when it comes to accommodation and transport. With a decent accommodation (that includes wifi, hot showers and breakfast) and good food and traveling around in local buses you can easily survive at 30$/day. Although I will tell you where to find cheaper accommodation too, and what all you you will have to trade for low costs. Continue reading


Trolls or Art: hilarious portraits of famous people

Botero is one of the most popular artist in Colombia. Located right in downtown and free to visit, his museum is a must go-to if you are in Bogota! He is known for his depiction and “obsession” for exaggeratedly overweight people. So, if you are fit, you can forget about featuring in his art!! haha, anyway I just found his art exceptionally cute, so here is a photo-blog post of pictures from his museum. Continue reading

The truth about Bogota and why I fell in love with it

What comes to mind with the first mention of Colombia: Druglords and crime, murders, kidnappings, hypnotics, thefts on gunpoints…. Colombia scared me the most out of all the other countries I visited in South America. But believe me! Colombia is as safe as any other country. Nothing like you’d have thought. I have put down a list of things to do in Bogota and hopefully the next time you hear of Colombia, all that comes to your mind is beautiful women, beautiful architecture, tasty coffee, cool cathedrals and out of the world landscapes! Check it out. Continue reading

How I trekked Macchu Pichu in less than 15$

Previously, I wrote about the top 6 routes to Macchu Pichu, the Incan ruins in Peru. The most popular trek, the Inca Trail, is a guided trek and costs a massive 600 USD. And in this post, I am going to tell you how you can save all that money, take the off-beaten path and explore Macchu Pichu in less than 15$.

Continue reading