7 foods in Thailand that you can’t miss

Thailand – floating markets, street bazaars, super-markets – all buzzing with mouth watering foods. One thing I will never understand about the Thais, is that despite having the most mind blowing and high calorie food in the whole wide world, how are these people so fit.

Thais are literally the thinnest people in the world (bottom most ranked in the World factbook survey of obese people).  I bet its the Muay Thai. Or may be the football. Or may be the smaller portions. Or you know what – may be its God. God has given them good genes – lets just leave it at that. But when you are traveling to Thailand – just treat it as a cheat day/week/month/year of your life – because you cant afford to miss out on whats coming up – no matter where in Thailand you go (beaches, mountains, cities)

Thai food is a cocktail of flavors – there’s lemongrass, coriander, garlic, chilli paste, shrimp paste, coconut milk – just mentioning these flavors here feels like a party in my mouth. And its soo cheap – so, without further ado, I just want to dive back into the magic that is Thai food. Are you ready to go on a food e-tour with me, here we go:

  1. Nam Prik Plaa Too: Nam Prik means chilli paste. And boy this dip is spicy. You eat the dip with veggies or bread (prefer veggies over bread any day) and just remember to keep something sweet to end the course with – since there will be some smoke coming out of your ears.

    Petchaburi 2
    Nam Prik Plaa Too – Eat with okra, lettuce and other veggies
  2. Pad Thai: Is it even possible to not eat Pad Thai in Thailand. The most famous noodle food comes with a 100 options: vegetarian, chicken, sea food, shrimp and what not. Impossible to miss and impossible to not like – Pad thai is a must in Thailand
  3. Papaya salad: A breath of fresh air with the ubiquitious spicy food in Thailand is spicy papaya salad. So mid way between your food, when you crave some crunch, and something less spicy, please grab a papaya salad.
  4. Khao Soi: Khao Soi noodle dish is noodles served two ways – fried and boiled, in a curried coconut milk soup with chicken/ sea food options and the classic lemongrass, peanuts, shallots thai flavors. Top it with lime, chilli paste, onions and MANDATORY WATER – coz its gonna burn you up man!

    Soi khoi
    Khao Soi in Chaing Mai
  5. Instant Noodles: This food was the most instant gratification after the Indian Pani Puri for me. Ready in 2 minutes, thai instant noodles come in a plethora of flavours – my favourite – Thai Mama Shrimp Tom Yum Instant noodles. I also like the sea food mix – simply especially the light tasting octopus that comes as a surpise in between the spicy noodles.

    Petchaburi 1
  6. Khanam Khrok: Rice flour and coconut milk mixed and cooked in a girdle comes in different flavors – corn, quail egg, veggies etc.. Just ask the street vendor to mix up and give you an assortment – that way you’ll be able to decide which one you like the best.

    petchaburi 3
    Khanam Khrok
  7. Ba Ba Liu (Siam Square Soi 7)  does serve innovative thai food, but it does serve regular thai food in an innovative bowl- check this out. They  have invented this really cool bowl that goes on top of the juice cup. So you can hold your cup in one hand and place the bowl over it and eat with the other hand. Simply genious. Just like Ba Ba Liu, there are other pretty cool restaurants in Bangkok – like Selfie coffee (965/8 Bangkok, Nonthaburi 29), Vista Kitchen (Serves you food according to your blood group).  So dont restrict yourself and go about finding new things in Bangkok especially where food is religion and every other thing is sure to surprise you.

Other than this – well let’s see – there is tom yam that you can’t miss, there’s Mai Tod – mussle omlet (I didnt try it, but thats because I dont like Mussles. Apparently its one of the good things to try in Bangkok – do try it if you like Mussles), a hundred types of fried rice – (especially the ones with half fried eggs), special thai ice teas. Thailand is a surprise package for food – I am sure if I go there again, Is there something that you ve had in Thailand that I can try next time I go. In the mean time, if you are in Thailand, do check out these 5 offbeat things to do in Thailand – other than the beaches and temples.

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