Best places to stay, while backpacking in Peru

Peru is set up well for tourism when it comes to accommodation and transport. With a decent accommodation (that includes wifi, hot showers and breakfast) and good food and traveling around in local buses you can easily survive at 30$/day. Although I will tell you where to find cheaper accommodation too, and what all you you will have to trade for low costs. Continue reading


How I trekked Macchu Pichu in less than 15$

Previously, I wrote about the top 6 routes to Macchu Pichu, the Incan ruins in Peru. The most popular trek, the Inca Trail, is a guided trek and costs a massive 600 USD. And in this post, I am going to tell you how you can save all that money, take the off-beaten path and explore Macchu Pichu in less than 15$.

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The fortress of Chachapoyas: A kingdom forgotten by people and neglected by archeologists

Located on the ridge overlooking the Utcubamba valley in Northern Peru, the 600 m long, 19 m high fortress wall encompasses the once-well planned city of about 400 houses. The Kuelap fortress (meaning Cloud forest) has for centuries, guarded the secret of the Chachapoyan civilization. Continue reading

5 most scenic routes to Macchu Pichu that you did not know about

They say it is all about the journey! Hell yeah its about the journey! It is the journey that gives you a thousand memories of hard work, of unexpected twists and turns, of bitter failures and sweet sweet success! I want to make one such journey a memorable one for you! The journey to one of the “seven wonders of the modern world”: Macchu Pichu! Continue reading