About me

Hey you, welcome to my blog. I am Neha Bhuchar.

Quick introduction: I am an amateur traveller from India. I speak English, Hindi, Punjabi and broken Spanish. I love meeting new people, reading, watching FRIENDS.. all by myself (and going bananas over the same old jokes) and gorging on street food.

What else?…board games bring out my competitive streak – and also my hyper-active one! Monopoly is a favourite – but I am running out of people who I can play it with. Apparently, it annoys people when I steal money from the bank!

I love my space as much as I enjoy being with friends..                                                           Reverse psychology drives me much better than anything else in this world – that’s how my dad has gotten stuff done from me all my life. I enjoy watching evening Drama TV with my husband – American Ninja Warrior, Shark Tank, Modern Family, My Kitchen Rules, Survivor (and sometimes even Big Boss – the Indian version of Big Brother) – basically anything we can bitch about after the show.

Cooking and shopping are not for me: much to my mom’s disdain. But I do help her in making dinner salad, on my occasional home visits. Just about enough to make her happy.

As for shopping: I think if it were not for my sister – I would have worn my prom dress for my wedding. I am serious.

ON the wheels of the World’s biggest truck, Sparwood, Western Canada

Coming to the blog:

I had the time of my life: In 2015, I went on a two month solo backpacking trip to South America! I had travelled before, but never solo, never to an unsafe destination, never on a budget, never without a plan – so in a way this was a lot of firsts for me. And what a time I had! But you know what – I realised, that I was not the kind of person who would enjoy binge travelling (if at all there is something like that) 45 days were good: happy, adventurous, frustrating, tiring – enjoyable. Anything more than that would have bored me.

And that’s why I am one of you: I haven’t (and can’t) left my corporate lifestyle to travel all my life and I haven’t (and can’t) travelled across the globe for 3 years straight! While I have a different level of respect for people who do that, I am certain that it is not for ME. I want to slog until 2 in my cubicle, work on my spreadsheets etc.. etc..- to be able to appreciate the world when I travel! And I want to keep travelling!

We go through the same churns – limited vacation time, limited space in the backpack, limited budget, limited knowledge of our next destination. I think I may be able to help you out here: this blog is a collection of my learnings, experiences and adventures as I explore the world, one beautiful place at a time. I have written about “things to do” while travelling, backpacker safety and (for Indian citizens) visa application procedures, along with some fun and furious posts!!

I sincerely hope you enjoy the blog. And if you don’t, please take in a few seconds to drop in your feedback here.

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