6 things I learnt at my first ever homestay experience

As a solo female traveler, I am always wary of home-stays – living at someone’s house without knowing them, just never sounded safe to me. But I did try it out when I was traveling with a group of friends to Kerela, India. We lived with an elderly family in their beautiful ancestral farmhouse. It is called the Aditi home-stay at Wayanad. They had extended their house with some new rooms to accommodate more families and even had a dorm for backpackers. The rooms were great as they ensured privacy and were pretty comfy. Continue reading


Best places to stay, while backpacking in Peru

Peru is set up well for tourism when it comes to accommodation and transport. With a decent accommodation (that includes wifi, hot showers and breakfast) and good food and traveling around in local buses you can easily survive at 30$/day. Although I will tell you where to find cheaper accommodation too, and what all you you will have to trade for low costs. Continue reading

Backpacker’s secret: How to prepare for your first backpacking trip

This is a welcome post – for first time backpackers. There is no doubt in the fact that you are going to be a part of an exhilarating experience (some bitter some better ;)). First things first, lets “Cheers” – to making bad decisions and to adventurous times ahead!  Continue reading