5 of my all time favourite beach reads

A perfect beach day for me is when I am basking in the sun on a beach chair with a book, gorging on nachos, fries and beer, toning down crazy cheers from volleyball teams, waves crashing and a slight wind that threatens to fly away the food menu. Continue reading


Choosing the perfect Goan beach for your vacation

Wake up early, rush to work, crawl from one meeting to another, follow up on tasks, get stuck in traffic for 2 hours, come home, get tired and doze off: if this sounds like your daily routine, it’s time to take some time off and head straight to GOA! Continue reading

Trolls or Art: hilarious portraits of famous people

Botero is one of the most popular artist in Colombia. Located right in downtown and free to visit, his museum is a must go-to if you are in Bogota! He is known for his depiction and “obsession” for exaggeratedly overweight people. So, if you are fit, you can forget about featuring in his art!! haha, anyway I just found his art exceptionally cute, so here is a photo-blog post of pictures from his museum. Continue reading

Bolivia’s coolness coefficient: Does it live up?

Known for the largest salt flats in the world, Bolivia is fast emerging as a travel destination. Right from visiting the wild life in Amazon jungle, dinosaur footprints on a vertical wall to the largest salt flats in the world, one thing is crystal clear: Bolivia is not “conventional”, if you know what I mean. Like I said in my previous blogpost, it is not the most beautiful country in the world. But it is different. How different? Let’s calculate Bolivia’s coolness factor: Continue reading