How expensive is Zurich?

Switzerland is one of those expensive countries where you are forced to think HARD before spending. I mean 14 Francs for a mc donalds burger without sauce and coke – na..haaa. not happening. We were in Zurich for just a day to take our flight back home and this one day was more expensive than 3 days in Prague. Here’s how:

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5 of my all time favourite beach reads

A perfect beach day for me is when I am basking in the sun on a beach chair with a book, gorging on nachos, fries and beer, toning down crazy cheers from volleyball teams, waves crashing and a slight wind that threatens to fly away the food menu. Continue reading

6 places in Bangalore to visit with your parents

Aah – that time of the year when your parents tell you that they are coming over. I am not going to lie, I was pretty kicked about my parents in law coming over. Apart from the huge inconvenience of cleaning my house spic and span, I was excited about the home made cake that my mother in law was going to bring, the amazing kheer (rice pudding) that she’d make for us , ofcourse not to forget the awesome evening chatter with them and ping pong matches with my father in law. Continue reading

6 things I learnt at my first ever homestay experience

As a solo female traveler, I am always wary of home-stays – living at someone’s house without knowing them, just never sounded safe to me. But I did try it out when I was traveling with a group of friends to Kerela, India. We lived with an elderly family in their beautiful ancestral farmhouse. It is called the Aditi home-stay at Wayanad. They had extended their house with some new rooms to accommodate more families and even had a dorm for backpackers. The rooms were great as they ensured privacy and were pretty comfy. Continue reading