5 of my all time favourite beach reads

A perfect beach day for me is when I am basking in the sun on a beach chair with a book, gorging on nachos, fries and beer, toning down crazy cheers from volleyball teams, waves crashing and a slight wind that threatens to fly away the food menu.

Beach reads for me <and for most of us> are chilled out, light books that can be finished fast, are written in a big font <the sun really makes it hard to concentrate on smaller fonts ;P – although a kindle almost eliminates this problem> and most importantly are breezy. I don’t want to be reading about the crime scene in South Africa or the economy of Djibouti on a beach. ENN OO – NO. No Fountainheads, no Malalas, no Lean Startups.

Here’s my list of favourite 5:

5 point someone
Bhagat’s “five point someone”
  1. 5 Point Someone: Do not judge me. I am not a Chetan Bhagat fan, but I have to give him credit where he deserves it. This book will immediately make you time travel to your college days and remind you of all the rules you broke as a teenager. A breezy read for a beach day.

    Arvind Adiga's "The White Tiger"
    Arvind Adiga’s bestseller “The White Tiger”
  2. The White Tiger: Again an Indian author: White Tiger (by Arvind Adiga) is a story written from the perspective of an Indian driver who ends up killing his master and founding a successful startup. Dark humour and surely a page turner.

    Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince
    Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince
  3. The Little Prince: Its the crazy imagination of “The Little Prince” that can turn around even the most boring of days. What can be more fun than reading about a naughty little prince of a small asteroid who goes asteroid hopping, meeting a number of “weird” adults, and finally lands on earth. Will surely bring a smile to your face.

    Anthem by Ayn Rand
  4. Anthem: Who knew there’d be an Ayn Rand on the list of books to read on a beach, but Anthem is just the book that will lift your mood up, if you read it till the end that is. A futuristic novel about a threatening time when men are not allowed to have an identity of their own, are not allowed to love and not allowed to think. And just one of those men find their way to freedom by doing something that no one has attempted before – ESCAPE. Extremely fast paced unlike other Ayn Rand novels.

    To Kill a Mocking Bird
    To Kill a Mocking Bird
  5. To Kill A Mocking Bird: Saved this one for the end – a classic American drama. In an extremely well written narrative of a “black man’s trial who has been falsely accused of raping a white girl” from a little girl’s perspective, Harper Lee has done justice to a child’s level of understanding and curiosity.




2 thoughts on “5 of my all time favourite beach reads

    1. Yep.. that’s another post I want to write – My fav books while travelling. This one is more about Beach reads. I haven’t read On the Road yet- but have heard about it …hopefully will get to read it before I write the next post;)


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