The truth about Bogota and why I fell in love with it

What comes to mind with the first mention of Colombia: Druglords and crime, murders, kidnappings, hypnotics, thefts on gunpoints…. Colombia scared me the most out of all the other countries I visited in South America. But believe me! Colombia is as safe as any other country. Nothing like you’d have thought. I have put down a list of things to do in Bogota and hopefully the next time you hear of Colombia, all that comes to your mind is beautiful women, beautiful architecture, tasty coffee, cool cathedrals and out of the world landscapes! Check it out. Continue reading “The truth about Bogota and why I fell in love with it”

For Indian citizens: How to apply for Colombian visa

When I applied for my Colombian visa in Canada, it took me 1 painful week – because everything had to be done by personally visiting the embassy. But things have changed now and for good. Today if you have a multiple entry schengen visa or any kind of US visa (tourist/business/student), you can get a visa on arrival in Colombia too. Continue reading “For Indian citizens: How to apply for Colombian visa”