How expensive is Zurich?

Switzerland is one of those expensive countries where you are forced to think HARD before spending. I mean 14 Francs for a mc donalds burger without sauce and coke – na..haaa. not happening. We were in Zurich for just a day to take our flight back home and this one day was more expensive than 3 days in Prague. Here’s how:

Just for a context, 1 Swiss Franc ~ 1 USD (2016)

Swiss chocolates
Swiss chocolates
  1. Travel within the city is 5 Francs/ticket for train and the ticket is only valid for half an hour. So, it can be used only once in most cases. [BTW, In Zurich, road trams have the right of way, so if you are injured by a tram, you can’t sue them]
  2. A bottle of water is 5 Francs, I mean come on!!!!
  3.  A Mcdonald’s burger is 14 Francs – not a meal, just the burger. Coffee is 5 Francs. Basic grocery – I think you can get a kg of apples for 4 Francs.
  4. Hostels are minimum of 50 Francs and if you are using points to book a hotel – forget about it. A SPG hotel in Zurich cost us 16,000 points <even an expensive hotel in New York will cost you 10,000 points>
  5. Cabs charge 4 Francs/km.
  6. A pair of jeans will cost you approximately 120 francs. So please don’t lose your backpacks here.
  7. Souvenirs (which is a simple magnet for us) ~ 8 Francs.

Zurich is one of the most expensive cities in the world, about 30-35% more expensive than New York. Although it is beautiful, but really I was just pissed off at how much money I was shelling out for everything.


One thought on “How expensive is Zurich?

  1. OMG this is way too expensive. Shelling out close to 1K just for a burger. I wonder how the locals manage even if they are living on a high standard of income.


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