Why you should visit Brno, Czech Republic

Brno is the second largest town in Czech republic. There are 2 reasons for which you should visit Brno:

  1. It is non- touristy, so you l get to explore the city in peace
  2. Punkva caves: I did not get to visit these, but these are the most beautiful underground caves you ll get to see. Stalactites and stalagmites and pristine water of underground rivers. Just to see this, I am ready to go to Czech Republic again. So make sure it is in your itinerary when you visit.

Other than this, you can cover Brno within a day and stay the night to witness the clubbing culture here. Being the centre of Czech universities, its more of a student town and hence has a great night life:

  1. Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul: The cathedral dominates the skyline of Brno and is built in a neo Gothic style.

    St paul and peters cathedral.JPG
    Right in front of Cathedral of St Peter and Paul
  2. Old Town: The old town entrance portal features a “crooked turret” and a passage that is inhabited by a famous dragon, much loved by the people of Brno. Rumor has it that the stone master was not paid for the portal of the old town and to seek revenge he intentionally crooked the main turret. Human error or revenge – the portal gets its originality from the central turret.
    Old town portal with the crooked turret

    he tossed it in the air.JPG
    Mayank trying to reach out to the dragon – seeking his blessings or trying to toss him in the air???
  3. Brno Underground: Brno underground is divided into 3 parts – the labyrinth which consists of the underground bazaar, which was mostly used to store perishables for a long time, the Mintmasters cellar and the Ossuary under the St James Church. It is the second largest Ossuary in Europe conceling the remains of 50,000 people who died in the Swedish-Brno war. The tour is one of its kind but it pretty expensive. We took a cheaper tour Labyrint pod Zelným trhem (80 Koruns/person), but felt cheated as it was just the Mintmasters cellar and not the complete tour. I d suggest you the take the tour of Brno Underground instead of the cheaper/shorter one.
    underground mint.JPG
    Brno underground: Mintmasters’ cellar

    the bad one.JPG
    The cheaper place to take the tour, make sure you take the Brno Underground tour which starts from the Cabbage Market
  4. Phallic Clock: Legend has it that in the Swedish-Brno war, the Swedish forces planned to retreat from Brno if they were not able to conquer the city by noon. So the smart Brno-ians rang the Petrov bells and hour early (at 11 am) and that is how Brno was saved.

    With the hero of Brno!!
  5. All you can eat sushi: I don’t eat beef and pork, so most places in Brno (with authentic Czech food) were not for me. But I did find an all you can eat sushi place – called Wang’s Running Sushi-  really cool for a lunch place.

    Running sushi.JPG
    All you can eat Sushi at 15 Koruns/person
  6. Spilberk Castle: Spilberk castle is one of the most famous castles in Czech and its right here in Brno. This served as a prison during the Habsburg monarchy and was later tuned into a fortress:

    spilberk castle.jpg
    Web photo of Spilberk Castle
  7. Try Moravian Wine and beer: Brno is probably the night life capital of Czech and the number of bars and clubs around the main square is just crazy. Spend an evening chitchatting and trying Moravian wines and craft beer.
  8. The beautiful monuments: And there are other monuments that make the city more beautiful.
Old town square, Brno

Long horse.JPG

i dont know where this is.JPG

just us.JPG
And it was just us – so peaceful:)

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