8 must-do things in Prague

Prague – the most beautiful of European towns. And inexpensive too – Gosh I love that word. Before I came here, Prague to me was all about that one photo that everyone puts on their facebook pages – of the busy Charles Bridge bustling with people, the silent Vltava river and the green spires of the Prague Castle – all in the background of smiling faces.

the most common photo.JPG
Yep, this is the one!
That one photo.JPG
Charles Bridge at night – there is a reason people love it – look at the view

Ofcourse, as you reach there – you will discover more things to visit – the astronomical clock, the apple museum and a hundred other “historically important” old town buildings. You will probably get a map at your hostel about the “things to do in Prague”.

Prague castle 2.JPG
Prague Castle
us at prague castle.JPG
Blue and Green at the castle

So, without getting into all that, I just want to tell about some of our favourite things that should NOT miss at all:

  1. Absinth Ice Cream and chocolate beer, Prague: You know how you start your day with tea in England and beer in Germany, well in Prague I started my day with an Absinthe ice cream and chocolate beer. How do I tell you how it tastes: well, the Absinth Ice Cream has that herbal undertone that the drink contains. So, while I have heard some people say that it is really bad, I loved it. It could be a psychological thing. Anyhow – if you are in Prague, you have to have it. Hop on to this bar called “Absintherie” in old town Prague and there it is. The chocolate bear is more common  – you can pretty much get it anywhere on the other side of the Charles Bridge (the Prague Castle side)
    Absinth ice cream
    Loving the Absinthe Ice Cream in Prague old town square

    chocolate beer.JPG
    Beer with icecream, anyone?
  2. Trdelni’k: Yum Yum Yum – Trdelni’k is soooo good. You can say it is similar to donuts – but the bread is thicker and they are rolled, grilled and sprinkled with sugar and dry fruits. You will find variations of these in other Central European countries but Trdelni’k is special as it comes with different fillings – ice cream, chocolate etc.. and its to die for. You will find numerous shops of these all around Prague, but the ones in the street across Charles Bridge are more popular.

    Trdelni’k – ask for a filling of your choice
  3. Nuclear bunker, Prague: This was the coolest part of our Prague itinerary. This is a 2nd world war underground bunker constructed as a defence to the nuclear bombings in Japan. This was never used, as the war ended without any other bombings, but it has since been converted into a museum which showcases gas masks and other equipment from the world war 2 era. You cannot take the tour on your own, you will have to go through the Prague Communism and Nuclear Bunker Tour company. Its a little expensive but really worth a visit.
    Inside the nuclear bunker.JPG
    Inside the nuclear bunker
    Don’t you mess with me
    gas masks.JPG
    Gas masks – Holy Guacamoly!!!

    ha ha ha.JPG
    He’s being shot, but can’t control his laughter. Husbands are weird!
  4. Dancing building, Prague: This is a relatively new building in Prague that resembles a dancing person and is located just on the bank of Vlatava river. This building is constructed on a US bombing site and also features on a 2000 Korun coin.

    dancing building.JPG
    Dancing building
  5. Kampa Island, Prague: Kampa island – this is where you’ll find some crazy-ass things. Czech it out:
    Kampel island.JPG
    You can also reach Kempel Island by taking a flight of stairs from Charles Bridge, before crossing it
    kampa island 1.JPG
    Pissing on/in the Czech map
    Kampa island 4.JPG
    Penguins in Prague!!
    kampa island 5.JPG
    The scary baby scuptures that were taken down from the famous TV tower and placed here

    leaving a mark.JPG
    Leaving a mark on the Lennon’s wall
  6. Top of the Astronomical Clock, Prague: Ofcourse, you want to see the Astronimical clock with the skeleton and the priest and other figures peeking out of the window one by one – every hour in Prague’s old town square. But do take the ticket to climb to the top of this tower to get a nice view of the city.

    top of the astronomical clock.JPG
    Can you beat that? A view of the old square from the top of the astronomical clock
  7. Torture museum, Prague: These are unbelievable number of these museums in Prague. One being right next to Charles Bridge.
  8. Ice pub, Prague: Would you like to pardy in -10 deg C. If yes, dash to the Ice Pub in Prague where temperatures vary from -5 to -10 deg C and you get a warm coat to get a beer. I wasn’t too interested, having stayed in Canada for 7 years – Snow and cold doesn’t make me go crazy anymore. But do check this out if you are interested.ice pub.JPG

If you are in Prague and you have a day to spare, do visit Brno – which is the 2nd largest city in Czech Rupublic. Pretty cool town – not as touristy, but there are some nice things to explore, including an underground bazaar form the times of yore!

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