6 places in Bangalore to visit with your parents

Aah – that time of the year when your parents tell you that they are coming over. I am not going to lie, I was pretty kicked about my parents in law coming over. Apart from the huge inconvenience of cleaning my house spic and span, I was excited about the home made cake that my mother in law was going to bring, the amazing kheer (rice pudding) that she’d make for us , ofcourse not to forget the awesome evening chatter with them and ping pong matches with my father in law.

Now Bangalore is a pretty active city – there’s a lot to do for people that live here – hiking in the western ghats, cave explorations, walking tours or just a lazy evening in a bar. But nowhere that we could go with our parents (our = me and my husband). So, we did some research and came up with a list of places to visit and things to do with our parents:

  1. Iskon temple: Iskon temple in Yashwantpur, Bangalore is one of the largest Iskon temples in the world. And so beautiful! If your parents have trouble walking, there is an elevator very close to the entrance. Don’t miss out on the yummy prasadam on your way back.
  2. Bannerghatta national park: Hefty white tigers, sleepy bears and charging elephants – is what you will see in the Bannerghatta National Park safari. Reach there early morning around 8 to avoid the huge line ups for the tickets. You can also buy the tickets online and there is normal vs AC buses to choose from – we selected the AC bus so it would be more comfortable. There is also a zoo to visit and a butterfly park both of which are optional.
    waiting for the safari
    Parents-in-law taking a break just before the safari

    elephants up and close
    Elephants up and close – at Bannerghatta National Park
  3. Lal bagh: Lal bagh is a great place to go for a nice peaceful walk, but every year in Jan and July (I think) there is a huge flower exhibition there, which is when the gardens come to life. Included is a mini market selling street food, art, books, natural skin and hair products and cool pots and plants. During the exhibition, there is a golf cart that will take you around for a small fee (if your parents have difficulty walking). And you should check out the beautiful Lal Bagh Lake, which is an oasis in the city of Bangalore where lakes have been reduced to drains and sewers!
  4.  Mysore: Mysore is nice 4 hour drive away from Bangalore and the popular Mysore palace is a treat to eyes. It is a bit of a walk inside the palace, just in case you are really worried about your parents getting tired. The palace is huge and it takes time to explore the whole thing.

    mysore palace 2
    Husband doing his usual funny poses – Mysore Palace in the background
  5. UB City: Show your parents the other side of Bangalore – the techie, uber cool, chilled out place and what can be better than UB city. The roof top bars, restaurants and public space is just where they need to be to spend an evening full of chit chat and laughter.
  6. Nandi Hills at sunrise: Drive to Nandi hills early in the morning (~4 am) to experience the beauty of sunrise. Its not very crowded and the views are amazing. Nandi Hills in itself is something I did not like AT ALL – its dirty, people don’t care about the garbage – they just throw it anywhere they want, no one cares about privacy – there’s loud music and drunk people around – but sunrise is a great time to visit – just for the calm and the breathtaking views.

Hopefully with this list, you will not have to break your head over what to do when your parents are visiting. I am sure you’ll find a lot of other blogs telling you about “places to visit in Bangalore with your parents”,  and hopefully you will find suitable places to explore with them, but don’t forget to spend quality time with them cooking their favourite meals, playing  card games, watching “comedy nights with Kapil” (no matter how much you hate watching it) and laughing at some old jokes.


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