For Indian citizens: How to apply for Colombian visa

When I applied for my Colombian visa in Canada, it took me 1 painful week – because everything had to be done by personally visiting the embassy. But things have changed now and for good. Today if you have a multiple entry schengen visa or any kind of US visa (tourist/business/student), you can get a visa on arrival in Colombia too.

So, its good news, if you have any of these. If you don’t, you will have to go the traditional way and apply for the visa at the embassy.

Name of the visa: TP11 (tourist visa)


  1. Passport (at-least 3 empty pages)
  2. Passport (photocopy)
  3. Back statements for last 3 months (attach electronically)
  4. 2 filled out visa application forms (signed by a notary public ~ who charges an extra 15$)
  5. Temp itinerary (attach electronically)
  6. 2 demand drafts: 85$ and 60$ (you can also pay online- please check the money required)
  7. Passport size photo (4 cm x 3 cm) (attach electronically)

2 demand drafts are required for the visa (what a pain in the butt) – one for the application processing and the other is the visa fee. Try to pay the application processing fee online to avoid going to the embassy twice.

I so wish I had waited a little more to go to Colombia – I could have saved some trips to the embassy in -10 deg C.

All in all, an easy process but it has become even easier for you if you have a US visa. Happy travelling!

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