For Indian citizens: How to apply for Peruvian visa

So, you are going to Peru!! First things first, do you have a plan? Or are you going to take one step at a time. Regardless, do go through my cheatsheet of things to do in Peru.

Peru holds a special place in my heart ~may be because it was my first solo backpacking trip or may be because it just deserves it!  Whatever the reason, I am so happy you chose Peru for your next destination. If at any point, you have any questions about planning your trip, do not hesitate to drop me a comment on my feedback page and I will be more than happy to help you out with your itinerary.

Coming back to the tourist visa requirements for Peru:

  1.  Passport (make sure that the validity of the passport is true for the length of the trip)
  2. Visa application form – Sign the application in front of a notary public + get their signatures
  3. (If you are applying for a visa in Canada) Your PR card/ citizenship proof (photocopies)
  4. Credit card statement (show atleast 3000 $)
  5. Passport size photograph (43 x 35 mm, with white background)
  6. Temp itinerary to support your plan: You can just send a temp itinerary booked through expedia or kayak. You don’t have to pay for the ticket, just the itinerary print out would be sufficient.
  7. (If sent by mail) A pre-paid envelope with your name and address
  8. A demand draft of 43.50 CAD

The visa application process is very simple. If you send out the complete documents, there is no reason why the embassy would reject the application. Also, I have never heard any one’s visa being rejected. I sent my visa to Vancouver (find the visa application form here – Page 3), which was the closest visa application center from Calgary:

505 Burrard St #206, Vancouver, BC V7X 1M3, Canada
Ph: +1 604-662-8880

After the processing of the visa application, the embassy will send back your stamped passport and a receipt of payment. Make sure that you receive the payment receipt.

It is cheapest to land into Lima. Flights withing Peru are pretty cheap. If you are in Ecuador, you can also do a land crossing from Huacillas into Tumbes. I met quite a few people who did this, but it is not the safest option because of the land disputes between Ecuador and Peru and also because it has a history of thefts. Be very careful if you are doing this. If you are travelling solo, try to stick around with other tourists. Once you are in Peru, Mancora is very close. Check out the surfing capital of the country before you start your Peruvian adventures!! Hope you have an awesome trip!!

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