Birds of a feather flocking together -2

This post is a continuation of Part 1 of this series: Birds of a feather flocking together.

Learning spanish from an Arghentinian

The Arghentinians
The Arghentinians (with James and Martin)

Argentinians have a completely different accent, and learning Spanish from them is like learning Hindi from a Haryanavi, or English from a Jamaican. Martin was hilarious with his Spanish lessons. He would get really technical with all the subjects and objects and past participles and I would just crack up.
The Unforgettable Salar trip

with Ale, Maria,Ele, Mehul (on my left) and Samanta and Jose (on my right)
with Ale, Maria,Ele, Mehul (on my left) and Samanta and Jose (on my right)

Mehul was the only Indian I met on my trip. A brilliant photographer, I must say.

Jose: Jose is from Bolivia and he told me: “I want to travel more, but Bolivian moms tend to hold on to their sons forever. She doesnt let me go anywhere” Brown moms are all the same, Jose!!!

Samanta is by far the most energetic person I have ever met. Her enthusiasm was contagious. She wanted to make a video of everyone at Uyuni. If only boys would listen:)

The Columbians

With Eduin, Maria and Maria's brother (missing Lesley)
With Eduin, Maria and Maria’s brother (missing Lesley)

Language no bar with these friendly Columbians.

So, I told my friend that I was scared of Columbia (Just the way it is portrayed – makes you think its all about drug cartels and murders and kidnapping and what not… Well guess what! nothing could be further away from the truth, Columbia is amazing and so are its people!!). Eduin is my friend’s friend and it was so sweet of him to come all the way to my hostel to meet me. He brought along his girlfriend and her brother along with him!! It was so much fun hiking up Monseratte with them. They had a lot of questions about India and Canada and America. But ofcourse, with my broken Spanish, I could only talk so much. I think there was more laughing and grinning than talking!!

Oh and did you meet Badass Lesley. Lesley is leaving her comfortable life in the States and moving to Panama with her boyfriend to work on her start up. So, if you are in Panama, do not forget to visit her art school and hostel:

Badass Lesley, drinking it up in Monseratte, Colombia
Badass Lesley, drinking it up in Monseratte, Colombia

Canada y Argentina

The GURU ** Bow in Respect**. With Andrew in Panama
The TRAVEL GURU ** Bow in Respect**. With Andrew in Panama

The funniest thing happened to us while we were visiting the Panama ruins. Andrew was born and brought up in Argentina, and is half American. So, we were on our way back from the ruins and this guy came by on his bicycle:

Bicycle guy: “De donde eres” (Where are you guys from).

So Andrew (who was more fluent in spanish than me):”Argentina y Canada” (Argentina and Canada).

Bicycle guy (pointing towards me) “Argentina?” (and then towards him) “y Canada”?. ROFL. Ofcourse I looked more South American with my tanned skin and he looked like a white Canadian. We cracked up – I guess we were still laughing on this joke when we parted 4 hours later!

BTW, Andrew has visited a 100 countries and wants to visit all 194 before he is 40!! Ergo the name “Travel Guru”

The braveheart


Mai is fun, loves to interact with people, she is all but 20 years old and she has been travelling solo for 2.5 years. Oh! and she has a hearing disability – but that does not define her in any way. She has visited 20 countries. She loves India and Indian food. She wants to travel to India one day- by herself. She blew me away!

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