Birds of a feather flocking together -1

In April/May-2015, I made my first backpacking trip. To South America. Solo – Wohooooo! No doubt, it was scary until I reached Peru. But, the moment I landed, I just knew it was going to be the first of many more. There was so much that I explored, experienced and embibed! South America, especially Peru, is one of the favorite destinations among backpackers and tourists! From Machu Picchu in the mighty Andes and the dense Amazon Jungle, to deep canyons and a beautiful coast, it has it all and no one wants to miss it.

From atleast a year before I actually booked my tickets, I had started talking about it and relating it to everything that was happening around me. It was all about Peru — “I want to do blah blah in Lima”, “Oh, weather in Cusco at this time of the year – yakk”, “Guinea pig is a delicacy in Cusco, wait, I l show you a picture”, “you went sandboarding in Nicaragua, oh, I might do it in Huacachina” (yeah, I said that) I don’t think it ever stopped!

Then “this” guy came to see me with “this” cap on!!

Who wears a Peruvian cap to someone’s house: sign from God himself!

Then a week later, I met “this guy” at a client meeting. We started talking and the next thing I know – he was from PERU.

With my Peruvian friend

[This video can sum up the situation. Reference: Freinds:  Watch video here] Yeah co-incidences, I don’t think so! I had a great time in SA, but what made it more special were the people that I met along the way. So, this is my HONY style collection of some of the most interesting people I met in South America!!

The Pixie travelerSherin at Rapa Nui, Chile

 Sherin: “I wore a sari when I homestayed in Nepal. And, the next day, I was on the front page of the national newspaper”

Yep, that’s what happens when a blonde wears a sari!

Cute 23 year olds from Belgium and Holland

(From Left) Ruben, Everly. Driez and I

Driez was the self proclaimed “badass gangstaa”. He loved clicking pictures of “No photos please” signboards.

Ruben: “Can you believe it, I potted 5 ping pongs and still lost” after losing a game of beer ping pong in Cusco. “And now I am a little drunk”!! You don’t say, Ruben!

Jesus from AmericaDaniel, Everly adn Ruben in Lima

Meeting Daniel within a span of 1 month – in Lima and Bogota

Daniel and I met at the walking tour in Lima. We met for the second time in Quito and bonded more.

Daniel: “I think I should shave now. I have been called “Jesus” twice in the past two weeks”

LOL, I have posted the “before” and “after” picture of Daniel (a gap of 1 month approximately).

The better photographer

With Dillon and the Dutch boys at Huacachina

The Dutch guys, were the funniest. I asked one of them to take a picture of us on the buggy overlooking the oasis. The guy was like oh, let me give the camera to my friend who is an excellent photographer. So he did. Would you like to see what he clicked (Bite me):

Beautiful Huacachina – as clicked by my Dutch friend.

Indian food in Arequipa

Indian restaurant en Arequipa

I was surprised, to say the least, to see the tricolor (Indian flag) in front of a restaurant in Arequipa, Peru. I went inside and asked if the chefs were Indian. They were so nice to agree to take a picture with me. I could not eat there coz I had had my dinner like 5 minutes back. But if you are in Arequipa, make sure you try some Indian food after the Ceviche:)

The tough hikers

Partners in crime

The Colca Canyon hike in Arequipa would’nt have been possible without Elad and Amit.

Amit: “I want to be a mountain guide. Its a lot of money and its something I love to do”

When I was tired, he’d be asking me stoopid puzzles. “First step is my water bottle, second step is your water bottle, what is the third step?” I ‘d be like I dont know. “It’s the river” (I never understood his questions) Step up the game, Neha! sigh!

Elad was the more mature of the two. He loved talking about his girlfriend, which was too cute.

The bad fart

With Lisa and the guys

After the Colca Canyon hike in Arequipa, Peru, we took the bus back to the city. Amit, Elad and I met Lisa (the girl next to me) and Pedro (guy in blue). Lisa is a psychologist in Germany.

Pedro: I was in the hostel room with this girl. She farted and then disappeared into the washroom. The fart was so bad and I could still smell it when another really hot girl entered the room. I felt so bad ‘coz she must have thought that it was I who farted” LOL!

<Abrupt ending> Don’t forget to check out Part II of the series:)

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